Windows 2000 Professional/Server Setup HOWTO


1.   At the beginning, press "F6" if you have third party SCSI or RAID Driver need to install before Windows Setup the server.


2.   If you had press "F6" this screen will show and you can press "s" to load the third party SCSI or RAID controller driver from floppy disk.(you will not see this screen if you haven’t press "F6" at the beginning).


3.   Press enter key to load the driver from the floppy disk drive (you will not see this screen if you haven’t press "F6" at the beginning).


4.   After boot up you will see this screen, press enter to start the setup.


5. Press "F8" to accept the licensing agreement.


6.   In this stage, you can press "C" to define the partition size for the installation,you also can press "enter" to use all the disk space.


7.   You can choose the file system for the windows server (You need use the NTFS file system if you need use this server be a domain controller).


8.   Please wait until the format complete.


9.   Windows setup will start to copy the files after the partition format complete (windows setup will restart the machine after the files copy complete)


10.   Please wait until the windows setup finished the hardware detection.


11.   After the hardware detection, you can choose the language and the input method.


12.   Input the name and organization.


13.   Choose the licensing modes, you need to buy the Client Access License (CAL) if you choose "Per server" mode.


14.   Choose the Computer name and the administrator password (you can change the computer name later).


15.   Choose the componet to install, like the web server (IIS), DNS, DHCP, etc.


16   Choose the location and the time zone.


17.   Choose the network setting.


18.   User the default setting "WORKGROUP" if your network do not have any domain.


19.   Please wait until the windows setup installing and copy the files for the installation.


20.   Windows 2000 server installation complete


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