Windows 2000 Server Active Directory Setup HOWTO


1.   “Start”  “Run…”.


2.   Type “dcpromo”.



Active Directory installation wizard is came out.
Please make sure that the server is in the LAN environment and cannot connect to internet)



4.   The server in this sample is the new domain.


5. The server in this sample is the new domain tree.


6.   The server in this sample is the new forest.


7.   Type the domain name that will use in your network.


8.   Check the NetBIOS name.


9.   Configure the AD Database storage path.


10.   Configure the Sysvol folder for directory service public file (like the logon script).


11.   The Wizard will help you configure the DNS if you do not have DNS server installed.


12.   Choose “yes, ……”


13.   Choose the permission that for your LAN security. Choose “Permissions compatible with pre-Windows 2000 server” if you have pre Windows 2000 client PC in your network.


14.   This password is for you to repair or restore the Active Directory in the “Directory Services Restore Mode”.


15.   The wizard will have a summary for the administrator before setup the active directory.


16   Active Directory setup in progress.


17.   You need to restart the server to take affect for the directory service, after the setup success.


18.   Active Directory and Domain Controller setup finished.


19.   Active Directory Setup Finished ~!




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