Multi VCD/MOVIE files in 1 DVD player playable disc HOWTO


1.   In this tutor will use TMPGEnc.Plus and TMPGEnc DVD Author


2.   After installed TMPGEnc.Plus and TMPGEnc DVD Author, run the TMPGEnc.Plus first.
(We need convert all the media files to MPEG format first)


3.   Before convert the media files, please do the following settings, "Option" > "Environmental setting..."


4.   Find the plug-in call "Directshow Multimedia File Reader" move it to the highest priority. Press "OK" to exit


5.   Go to "File" > "Project Wizard"


6.   In the wizard, you need to choose the media file format which you want to convert.


7.   If you do not know your media file format, you can try use the following steps to check your file format/specification.
Open Media Player Classic, you can install the K-Lite Code pack or download the Media Player Classic individually (Windows 2000/XP) (Windows 98/ME)
K-Lite Code Pack home page
Media Player Classic home page
Open the file by Media Player Classic
"File" > "Properties" > "Details"


8.   If you got error when you open the real media files (rmvb, rm), you need install a code pack call Real Alternative (Download)


9.   After open the file, press "Next"


10.   Press "Other settings"


11.   Go to "Advanced", choose "Source range" and "Clip frame", press "OK" and press "Next"


12.   You can modify the file size with the "% of the disk capacity", for example if you want have 5 media and the length of these files are the same, then you need set each of the file's "% of disk capacity" as 20%.
After finish the setting, press "Next"


13.   You can change the path of the output file.
If you only have 1 file want to convert, choose "Start encoding immediately", if you want to convert more than 1 file (1 by 1), choose "Create another project(s) for batch encoding", it will repeat the project wizard again.


14.   After finished encoding all the files, open TMPGEnc DVD Author.
Press "Create new project"


15.   Press "Add file" to add the media files.


16.   After you add the file, press "OK"


17.   After you add all the media files, press "Create menu"
Please check that the total file size is not larger than the DVD Size (4.7GB Single Layer)


18.   In this step, you can create your own menu, like the title name and the movie chapter name.
After the setting, press "Output"


19.   Set the output folder, press "Begin output" to start the process.


20.   You can burn the output by some disk burning software (Like Nero)
your can follow the following KB to make it if you have Nero burning software and do not know ho to make it.

DVD Movie Create by Nero Burning ROM HOWTO

DVD Movie Create by Nero Express HOWTO


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